Saturday, January 22, 2011

Different Kinds of Photography

There are so many different types of Photography! Once you find you niche, you can even specialize within. For example, a photographer may prefer to shoot landscape, but specializes in just long exposures or black and white. Some people enjoy shooting everything to gain all around experience.
Types of photography include:

  • Landscape
  • Macro
  • Wedding
  • Studio
  • Animals, plants, and nature
  • Photojournalism
  • Street
  • Urban
  • Still life
  • Commercial
  • Conceptual
  • Abstract
  • Architecture
As you can see there are many different kinds of photography. Finding your type may take a day, it may take years. I suggest going out and shooting everything to find out and see if it's for you or not. 


Landscape can be shooting anything from mountains, to water, streams, ocean, hills, etc... Landscape photography is one of the more popular types of photography today. With galleries open daily displaying their landscape photography, many are inspired to buy a Dslr and shoot. The photo above was taken at Black's Beach in San Diego, CA. 


Macro is a type of photography where you have to have a keen eye, patients, and a macro lens.Macro is about being up close and personal, whether is with a plant, ant, snowflake, flower, eye, or anything else that you can think of. The art of Macro is a unique one and it takes a lot of practice to achieve excellence. Macro is definitely a specialized kind of photography. 
Macro lenses aren't as costly as most lenses are, but that's because you can really only use them for Macro photography. The good thing about having a Macro lens is however that most allow you to shoot at 2.8, meaning their is a lot of light coming in and allowing for you to have a lot of nice bokeh (blurry background). 

If however you can't find, afford, or just not sure if you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a lens that you can only use for one thing, there are alternatives. 
There is a device that separates your standard lens from your camera body, called an extension tube. What this does is it changes the focal point, thus allowing for you to get closer to your subject. 
These extension tubes are great, cheap (around $100 for all 3 of them) and it gives you a 1:1 perspective to the object you are shooting. 
But lets say that you didn't want to buy the Macro Lens and you didn't want to buy the extension tubes because you just weren't sure about either or you didn't want to spend too much money. Well there is an even cheaper way to shoot macro photography. What we have is called a close up filter. It's like any other filter that you screw on to the front of your camera and it acts as a magnifying glass.
As you can see it's clear and and it screws right in. These filters come in different grades of magnification. There is +1, +2, and +3. They can all be combined for even closer up. These can be found online ranging from $20 to $250 if you are looking to buy a whole set of them. 
Now you may think wow, it doesn't get much cheaper than all of that? Well... it can. What some people do, and it doesn't always work is they take off their lens and place it backwards on their camera body. So the part where you would normally screw in the filter, is where you would place cover up the whole to your camera. This acts as a magnification glass from all the glass that is inside of your camera. Zoom in and out to try and get different results!

Head shots
It seems more and more people want and need head shots lately. Whether it is for their graduating, if it is for a job interview, or because they want a good looking picture of them. Head shots are a great and easy way to make money. I have taken head shots of my friends in my backyard and the results came out great. With head shots you want to come in close and make everything about them. The main focus are their eyes. Their eyes always want to remained perfectly focused. Also you want an even tone throughout their upper body, hair, and face. As you can see above how all the highlights, shadows, and midtones are all even... There isn't any harsh light and the picture is all about her.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a very demanding job. Many people are afraid to shoot weddings because you can only get it right once. During a wedding you have to always be attentive and shooting at all times. Having the proper equipment can be quite costly as well. It's good to have 2 camera bodies, at least 3 different kinds of 2.8 lenses, and a flash or 2. Shooting weddings are stressful and serious. I recommend shooting a wedding as an assistant before shooting one by yourself or as the main photographer. 

Studio shooting can be fun. There are flashes, strobes, and lighting fixtures everywhere! However, it is very expensive. If you wish you to own your own studio, there are a number of strobes you'll have to purchase along with reflectors, back drops, and stands. In many big towns such as LA, San Diego, New York, and San Francisco there are studios that are available to rent hourly or daily. 

Photojournalism can be very powerful. Photojournalist are always on the hunt looking for that picture that is striking. These pictures are often pictures that tell a story. You've heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words... Well, these are the kind of photographers that take those thousands of words. 

These were just a few examples of what kind of photography there is out there and what you can choose from. Don't be afraid to try new things and be different. Photography is all about being unique and taking a picture somebody else can't take. Good luck!

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