Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Beginning

Many people want to learn photography after seeing a few stunning photos, or something that they have always wanted to do. Some people really want to, while others just say they want to. Many think you need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to make inspiring shots, while that isn't the case. For those that have always wanted to learn photography or the basics of photography, I'm here to show  you what it takes.

              This is a photo of mine that I took for 30 minutes...
On this site I will be showing you some of my photos, how I achieved them, and how you can take them yourself. I will show you what Aperture is, ISO, Bokeh, Shutter Speed, how to shoot in Manual, Depth of Field and much more! 

The photo above was taken in Mentone, California on a side street that I stumbled upon. I knew what photo I wanted to take and I knew how I wanted to take it. That is what takes the most amount of time... seeing the photo in your head before you take it, once you see it, then all you have to do is click. Once I saw this photo I set up, put my Nikon D300 in Manual, set my Aperture (A) to 5.0, set my ISO to 400, and put my exposure time or shutter speed onto Bulb, from there I pressed the button and sat for 30 minutes capturing this image. In the last minute of this photo a car drove by and I thought my image was going to be ruined, however it made my image stand out! Thanks random car! 

As you can see I enjoy taking landscape photography. Many people do. It's your chance to be at peace with nature and it is relaxing. It takes your mind off of things. I enjoy taking a nice photograph with some music playing. I took this photo using a 1 second exposure to create a moving feeling in the water, like you see in many photos with waterfalls and streams.. And I can show you how to do that with any camera! 

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